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Welcome to the MathVIDS Learning Community!  This site provides the training you need to use the MathVIDS instructional videos and strategies to their fullest advantage.  This site also provides an online community of colleagues who can help you complete the training. To navigate this site, please follow the following directions:
  • To return to this page from anywhere in the site, click on MathVIDS Learning Community located at the beginning of the film strip graphic at the top of the page.
  • To begin the training, click on any of the modules above.  The modules were developed to be used in sequence.  Each module builds on the preceding one.  If this is your first time using the MathVIDS Learning Community, it is suggested that you begin with Module 1.  Then move to Module, 2, then Module 3, and then Module 4
  • To go to the MathVIDS main site, click on the "MathVIDS Site" at the top left corner under the first frame of film strip graphic.
  • To share your experiences with the Learning Community and/or the MathVIDS website with other users or share your comments and opinions about the MathVIDS Learning Community and MathVIDS website with website developers, click on the Online Community link above. 
  • The Site Map link gives you quick access to all of the modules and activities that make up this website.
This community is based on a type of web called a Wiki (Hawaiian for quick) and it may be a little different than web pages you are used to.  With a Wiki, not only can you post comments to any page, you can also create your own web pages to express ideas, share information or host a discussion on a topic of your choosing.  The wiki makes it very easy to create web pages and build them collaboratively.  So, this site will not only help you with your training, it will also help you develop an online connection with your colleagues on any topic you choose. If you want to create a forum for your particular group, simply click on "new page" located at the bottom left of each webpage. Enter the name of the group when prompted to do so. This will allow you and individuals in your group to exchange ideas separately from others using the site. 
Best of luck with your MathVIDS adventure!

To begin your MathVIDS2 adventure, please create a wiki page for yourself and put some information on it that you would like others to know about you. Here are a couple of examples you might want to consider in building your own page: (Thanks, Judy) (Thanks, Michelle) (Thanks, Margaret)

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